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Trial Graphics & Animations

For attorneys, presenting a case to the jury is like a battle taken on a  mammoth scale. It requires extensive verbal skills and legal knowledge to successfully plead a case in front of the jury. But with the introduction of animation into the legal field, things have taken a 'U' turn. Now, presenting a case for expert witnesses has become easy in that the jury can comprehend the case better. This new innovation in litigation has created a win-win situation for attorneys.

Animation is a seamless and exclusive field, impacting people in their in every-day life. It is essentially a combination of 2D and 3D presentations. It is a simulation or recreation of the events that may have taken place in the past. There are high-end 2D and 3D animation software packages available today, to make a highly colorful, and precise courtroom presentation, aiding the attorney to prove their point to the jury.

Animation is perhaps one of the greatest boon to mankind what with the wide array of fields and services it caters to.  Movies, gaming, cartoons, television, medicine, military, product design, space technology, engineering, legal proceedings are some of the many fields that have been extensively capitalizing on this hot new aspect of modern-day technology.

The tremendous improvement in technology, and with the advent of breakthrough software tools, recreating a scene of crime has become very cost effective and cutting edge. The best part of legal animation is that it can be viewed  as many times as necessary, for a better understanding of the case, and all this comes with an added benefit of viewing events in slow motion.

The suits, which are in trial, are now aided with trial room exhibits done in 2D and 3D for a better understanding of the point. Hence the name 'Trial Graphics'.

Legal Advantage provides Trial Graphic Services or legal animation services, and its core team consists of experienced attorneys and multimedia professionals who are qualified and well-equipped to deliver the product on any given deadline.

The benefits of using legal animation services of Legal Advantage are:

•    Effective, precise, and realistic colorful presentations to emphasize your point in the suit
•    Visual aid in facts and evidence comprehension
•    Make complex information simple
•    Show how the event happened with precise timing
•    Create a better position over the opponent
•    24x7 support on the services

Legal Advantage, with a strong goodwill and a proven record in the patent industry, has diversified its service lines in the legal industry. Some of these services are:

1    Patent illustration and application service
2    Litigation support
3    Document review
4    File Wrapper
5    Prior art search
6    Trial graphics
7    Contract management and drafting service
8    3D Animations
9    E-discovery
10  Legal research
11  Translation Services

Patent Search Services

 Accelerated Examination, Biotechnology, Chemical Search, Claim Product Mapping, Clearance Infringement Search, File Wrapper Review Analysis, Freedom To Operate, Patentability, Patent Analysis, Patent Mapping, Patent Watch, Patent Proofreading, State of the Art, Validity

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